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Turning Micro Donations Into Large Donors!

The only virtual donation platform that allows you to send easy payments using custom QR Codes, anonymous donations, and a mobile platform for your 501(c)(3) to use as an additonal Funraising tool.

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Here's why FISK should be your fundraising app of choice!

Fully automated


You don't have to worry about what money to send to what account. You just work on providing for your community, and we'll handle the rest.

Autonomy over
your donations!

With instant access to your donations, you can maintain autonomy over your gifts, and do not need to wait to utilize the funds.



Link multiple banks, brokerage accounts, & debit cards in one place. We use not just one, but multiple security structures within our app to ensure your data and money safety.

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Magic of


Step 1

Find your fav organization or 

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Step 2

Send your donation

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You've sent your donation!

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Choose the category & send your microdonation

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Community Education

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Performing Arts

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International Non-Profits

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Local Outreach

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Our Customers

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ZnL Productions is an Orlando-based nonprofit whose focus is to create hands-on experiences for students interested in the event planning/hospitality industry while providing net proceeds to youth-supported programs in the arts at area high and middle schools in the communities they host events.

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Supporting children with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities. Providing a path forward to orphans with special needs.

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Join the FISK family

We are the first company to put fundraising and donor retention back into the hands of the Non-Profit or Community Organization in an impactful way: turning micro-donations into large donors. We understand that each member of the FISK family is on a different fundraising journey, that's why we have developed a technology that ensures Organizations will not have to sacrifice their current donations tools or software budget by allowing Companies to start using today at no upfront costs! Some for you now, some MORE for you later!


Technology for any size 501(c)(3)

We know that some Non-Profit technology in only meant to benefit large companies, with FISK you can be a single-member Non-Profit and receive equal benefit (and equal costs) for using our product! FISK was designed for a 501(c)(3) to create the most transparent way of receiving donations without any additional costs or training for your team. At FISK, we believe that donor accessibility should not be a question, and that's why we designed solutions for users to forge this security without a second thought.

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