Make Tips Matter!

The only tipping platform that allows you to accept tips directly into an investment account.

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Join the FISK Family

We are the first company to put tips back into the hands of the recipient in an impactful way, creating financial security with every transfer. We understand that each member of the FISK family is on a different financial journey, that's why we have developed a technology that ensures users will not have to sacrifice their current standard of living by allowing others to make investments on their behalf.


Here's why FISK should be your money transferring app of choice

Fully automated


You don't have to worry about what money to send to what account. You just work on making your money, and we'll make sure investments are made.

Autonomy over
your tips

With direct access to your checking account, you can maintain autonomy over your tips, and start spending as soon as you need to.



Link multiple banks, brokerage accounts, & debit cards in one place. We use not just one, but multiple security structures within our app to ensure your data and money safety.

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How the App Works



Sign up for a FISK account and start earning money now, and for later. Once we verify your identity, you can instantly link your checking & investment accounts to our app, allowing us to send your transfers as you see fit between the two. 

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Get tipped at anytime by anyone by sharing your QR Code with your tippers. We love that even non-FISK users can scan your personalized QR code and send you money, making your tipping autonomy more powerful than ever.

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Cloud Based

Anyone can grow

We know that in the near future humans are going to hit a wall with so many that have not saved for their financial future. FISK was designed for a user to create financial wealth without putting any of their own money into the application. At FISK, we believe that financial security should not be a question, and that's why we designed solutions for users to forge this security without a second thought.

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